Entry #4

Everything you need to know about medals!

2013-06-19 12:48:19 by Shantom

I'm trying to include everything you need to know about the medal system in this post. If you think I missed something, just tell me about it in the comments section below.

Latest updates ----- (27/5/2017)

- Updated 6. 

1- Latest events, challenges and contests: ----- (14/1/2015)

This section should be interesting?
If anyone is starting an event, a contest or a challenge related to medals or high scores, I will post it here. Just tell me about it in the comments below.

2- Important links, threads, and posts: ------ (6/4/2017)

- Games with medals: An old listing for medal games.
- Games with medals 2: A new listing for medal games.
- Newgrounds Medals - Games and Tips: A thread for discussing medal games.
- Global medal rankings: This is the official medal rankings list.
- Social medal rankings: A ranking list for friends only.
- Unofficial medal rankings: This list includes 200 medal users and exclude known hackers/cheaters.
- Improving the medal system: You can suggest new ideas/improvements for the medal system here.
- Official Broken Medals Thread: You can report broken medals here.
- Newgrounds Wiki: Medal Games: Walkthroughs and guides for medal games.
- Medal games guides collection: A post by Knuckstrike that includes some guides for medal games.
- Medal games guides collection 2: Another post for walkthroughs and guides, by Wylina.

3- Medal programs/add-ons:

- Medal statistics program: A program by Bobogoobo. It shows your medal statistics.

4- A list of untested medals:

No one knows if some of these medals are working or not since some of the requirements are difficult. In other words, these medals could be working just fine but someone has to prove it. Can you?
Your help would be appreciated here :3
Check out the list's description for further details.

5- Current known bugs: ----- (18/1/2015)

I don't think there are any ATM. If you find any bug/glitch related to medals, feel free to contact me or post a comment about it.

6- Who to contact? ----- (27/5/2017)

If you have any questions,suggestions, bug reports or anything else related to the medal system, don't hesitate to contact me or one of the following API/Medal mods:
EdyKel - EJR - ForNoReason - Knuckstrike - NijssePulseLane - Exedor - HerbieG

Other mods


I guess that's all for now o,o?


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2013-06-19 14:58:30

Useful post :3,I'd suggest you to link to it in your sig text.
As I see,all the medals in Pingshoot have been tested (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/602311),but the last one has only been unlocked by Lucris96 (http://lucris96.newgrounds.com/),I don't really know how he did it but he was the only user to unlock "to be a bird" medal in flight (that one was obviously broken),he also has some solid hacking evidence in Block runner,have a look at the leaderboard (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/601036).
You're doing a really great job,keep it up!

Shantom responds:

Thanks ^^
I made a signature text about it. Is it clear o,0?

Well, medals unlocked by Lucris only (a hacker) doesn't mean they are working. Unless some regular user unlocks these medals, they will always be untested.
The last 3 medals in PingShoot are obtained by Lucris only.


2013-06-20 06:49:00

Useful stuff, most of it would make a great addition to the NG Wiki.

Shantom responds:

True :o
But I guess this one will be updated :P


2013-07-01 06:03:08

I looked up the game Mushroom Maze thanks to Bobogoobos Tool. I saw that I have unlocked every medal like you. Both of us have only points for 3 of the 6 medals. Nijsse for example has 6/6 medals and all points. It seems due to removing medals you can lose points for medals you have finished, but medals will remain unlocked.

Shantom responds:

o,0; I didn't notice that. Thanks Syrreal!
I tried denying the medals and reactivating them, but it didn't work.
I will tell PG about it when he gets back.
Keep these bugs coming :P (lol sounds weird..)


2013-07-04 16:53:25

Hey Shantom did you know that you could add medals to movies and i found it at the link here http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1299416 read it. XD and I believe you're missing a tiny bit about " Everything you need to know about medals! "

Shantom responds:

Hey Reuven :P
Thanks for the link, but it doesn't really show how to add medals to movies. Movies with medals have been around for sometime now. It's not really a new thing ^^;

Also, I'm sure I'm missing some information about medals. I'm kinda hoping you guys can cover it up :P
Since I don't know what's missing exactly.


2013-07-05 07:55:54

Nice list.

It made me finally get off my lazy ass and finish my list...

Shantom responds:

Thanks :o

Your list o,0?


2013-07-05 11:10:34

The medal video guides collection

Shantom responds:

lol I kinda forgot about it.. :P


2013-07-08 14:05:47

Congratulations on reaching 300k medal points! =)

Shantom responds:

Thanks :D


2013-07-12 16:42:31

The games with medals list is according to the release date of the games, isn't it? I ask because I can't find Epic Battle Fantasy 1 and 2 there. Are there more medal games not appearing on this list?

Shantom responds:

PsychoGoldfish mentioned that there are a few medal games that aren't showing in the list. I didn't know EBF1/2 are one of them :O

He said he'll fix it later..
I guess, we have to wait? :|


2013-07-30 07:44:51

2 Other bugs to report:
The medals from the removed games (either by the author or the moderation team) are still counted in many medal walls (examples are the HTD tutorials (http://thered555.newgrounds.com/stats/medals?p age=29),and Fish and destroy is counted twice in your medal wall http://shantom.newgrounds.com/stats/medals?pag e=55)
the other bug is in the highscores table,I just made a score a few seconds ago and it says "7 hours ago" http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/77bb7c229a 16c2d7d7601f10cdfbd0df

Shantom responds:

Thanks TheRed :)

Well, as for medals from removed games, they will be removed when PG fixes "the bug" we keep on mentioning. We kinda know about it but we don't want to ruin medal stats. Right now, for each medal that get removed, a "game" will be removed from your game counter. So, if we remove 7 medals, you'll lose 7 games (Example: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/top ic/1344333 )
Fish and destroy is counted twice because one of them is removed. We'll remove the medals from the 'removed game' later.

As for the highscore bug, that's a new one o,0;
Did this happen with one game only? or many?
Also, can you tell me which game is it?
Thanks ^^


2013-07-30 11:27:06

I had the issue with every leaderboard,not only that one,If you're looking for the game I took the screenshot from,here it is (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/622478),submit a score and click on ("my best")
I made a new highscore in that game and now it shows 11 hours ago (http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/acf40fa649 08e54011c87cc28b8927fb)

Shantom responds:

How long has this been around?
It seems that highscores are registered by day now, instead of seconds/minutes. And it looks like the time is 4 am GMT (start of the day?)
I guess I'll ask PG about it when he's done with the publishing system's bugs.


2013-07-30 20:52:18

Nothing related to the medals, but I still don't understand it and don't know where to put it.
You can write a comment with 2400 characters here and a response with 7353 characters.

Now here is the thing:
I responded with 6314 characters to a comment. But when I want to edit my response I can only edit 4276 characters. I can't edit the last 2038. The text just doesn't appear and it ends within the middle of a word. It says 0 remaining characters. But the response still appears completely under the comment.

Now it seems like, whether you can't use the same amount of characters for editing a response like writing one (which in my opinion is not the case because I have the full amount of characters in older responses), or that at a specific amount of characters the response glitches out and can't be edited any more.

Shantom responds:

lol I don't know who's responsible for these kind of bugs :P
I'm guessing it's still PG.

I don't think this will be fixed anytime soon though. Can you go around it?
Maybe, copy the response somewhere, delete your original response and create a new one?
It may work? :o

I'll still tell PG about it when he's around.


2013-08-01 01:54:22

Yes, I can post it somewhere else, edit it there, delete my old response and post the new one.
(And with a new response, it still bugs.)

Shantom responds:

So, it worked..?


2013-08-05 15:13:23

I had changed my ng user name from Reuven into Henrun I hoped that u like it :D.

Shantom responds:

Cool :D
Maybe I should change mine as well o,0?


2013-08-11 23:52:48

u seem like a cool person and I hope that u accept a friend request, Plus i reply to one of your forum about about medals top list gotta read it .

Shantom responds:

You are cooler :3


2013-08-22 20:26:43

http://henrun.newgrounds.com/news/post/862648#comments I had interview my self and be sure to read it so u could know more about me :D

Shantom responds:

Haha will do! :3
Is there a live video for that? :P


2013-08-23 00:22:43

"You are very popular and admirable"
admits Misaka

Shantom responds:

Thanks! ^^
You are so cute! :3


2013-08-23 13:39:41

Shantom there is no live video about me interviewing myself

Shantom responds:

lool I know.. I was jk XD


2013-09-07 15:29:36

Shantom u should edit in your news of a whole list of hackers and cheaters in a whole list of them so that way the newgrounds members/moderators and even staff members can have a very simple life of handle-ling situation of hackers and cheaters. I also had gave u a pm be sure to read !!!!!!!!

Shantom responds:

Hmm.. we don't want to post an official list of hackers. We already know many of them, but some of them aren't really hackers. No need to make it official. :o

Also.. hi :P


2013-09-14 00:37:42


Shantom responds:

Anytime :3


2014-01-07 01:47:07

I think there's something wrong with the Global Medal Ranking board. Does it update automatically or is it updated at a specific time? Right now, I should be in 50th place. I know I won't stay there long right now (I'm only 5 points above the other guy).

Shantom responds:

Updates at specific times. I think every 1 hour or so.
You are already there :P


2014-01-11 13:31:08

I am visiting your newspage every day while hoping to read something new =) Are you still Final Fantasy XIV ?

Shantom responds:

Heeeey Syrreal!! :D
How you been? :3

Well.. I'm playing ffxiv but not a lot (maybe 30 mins a day?). The reason I've been busy for the past 4 months is.. me getting married! ^^ (as for August, I stopped for a while to watch some animes and play ffxiv. Didn't expect that break to take this long :P)
After getting married, I've been busy looking for a new place, moving to that new place, buying furniture, honeymoon, and some other stuff. Not to mention, I didn't take any vacations so, I've been really busy all day ._.
But now, things have calmed down. I have a lot of free time :P
I'm trying to catch up with the animes/TV shows that I missed. And I'll probably quit ffxiv and go back to newgrounds but not now (ffxiv takes a lot of time, and I don't want to spend all my time on one game). There are few ps3/psp games that I'd like to play before I start collecting medals again. So, It'll be a while before a come back ^^

I'm too lazy to update my newspost but I'll probably do it soon XD


2014-01-11 13:32:17

Looking up the number of the game, I totally forgot to add "playing".

Shantom responds:

lol you didn't have to mention it :P


2014-01-13 19:32:33

Congratulations to both of you (I hope that is correct in English, the dictionary said it).

So in the end, I have to stalk you more on aniDB than newgrounds for a while but okay, I can handle that. =)

Shantom responds:

Haha Thank you!! :D
Yea, I guess that'll work :P


2014-04-01 16:12:54

Wonder is now also a mod. Yay.

Shantom responds:

Added XD


2014-12-30 09:50:23

Shantom award of A Jonny Krampus. How did you deserve this punishment?^^


(Updated ) Shantom responds:

loool I didn't know about it XD
I was checking my scores in other games by the author and I found this:
I guess that's why :o

Too bad you were on 4th place :P


2017-04-02 11:42:59

Doesn't have:

Games with Medals (bad new layout alternative page)

Social Medal Rankings

Shantom responds:

Thanks! but both of them are there :O
Just a different layout for the medal games ^^;


2017-04-03 05:26:36

No, it's not just a different layout. It has many sorting options: by score, views, rating... As an example, by URL hack, since the site is so broken, you can specify to view only submissions that are from the Game portal, Action Platformer Puzzles, released this year, not mature or adult and sorted by score:
And of course other different combinations. Such as displaying movies (again, regardless of the site not working):
There in fact people who complain of not linking the many poor games out there, and these filters help.

The other medals page just lists all the submissions without sorting options, but has the great advantages of being much faster to browse due to having far more submissions loaded per page and clearly showing which links are visited.

So it's not just different layouts, we need both pages.

The Social Rankings link isn't intuitive to reach from the Global Rankings list... And Newgrounds provides both links separately on the Games with Medals page.

Shantom responds:

That was very convincing XD
Added it. Thanks! :3

As for the social ranking list, I didn't know it lists your friends only.
Added it as well.

Thank you! ^^


2017-08-05 16:41:53

Shantom... No relation to the username Phantom, are you?

Shantom responds:

Oh damn! You had to bring it up? :P
You know, I'll never ever get the nickname Phantom anywhere. So, I created Shantom :/
Sad story, I know..


2017-08-06 17:56:51

Well I'll be damned. I was looking for some audio to make sure you were indeed the Phantom I was thinking about. Still a little confused, but if you're who I think you are, you might remember when I was a little shit head named Andrea364 lol

Shantom responds:

But no sorry, I'm not the same phantom. ^^;


2017-08-07 18:42:30

Oh noes. Am teh cry.

Jk. But at the very least, I have @Phantom to thank for actually meeting you! :D

Shantom responds:

The pleasure is mine :D