Everything you need to know about medals!

2013-06-19 12:48:19 by Shantom

I'm trying to include everything you need to know about the medal system in this post. If you think I missed something, just tell me about it in the comments section below.

Latest updates ----- (27/5/2017)

- Updated 6. 

1- Latest events, challenges and contests: ----- (14/1/2015)

This section should be interesting?
If anyone is starting an event, a contest or a challenge related to medals or high scores, I will post it here. Just tell me about it in the comments below.

2- Important links, threads, and posts: ------ (6/4/2017)

- Games with medals: An old listing for medal games.
- Games with medals 2: A new listing for medal games.
- Newgrounds Medals - Games and Tips: A thread for discussing medal games.
- Global medal rankings: This is the official medal rankings list.
- Social medal rankings: A ranking list for friends only.
- Unofficial medal rankings: This list includes 200 medal users and exclude known hackers/cheaters.
- Improving the medal system: You can suggest new ideas/improvements for the medal system here.
- Official Broken Medals Thread: You can report broken medals here.
- Newgrounds Wiki: Medal Games: Walkthroughs and guides for medal games.
- Medal games guides collection: A post by Knuckstrike that includes some guides for medal games.
- Medal games guides collection 2: Another post for walkthroughs and guides, by Wylina.

3- Medal programs/add-ons:

- Medal statistics program: A program by Bobogoobo. It shows your medal statistics.

4- A list of untested medals:

No one knows if some of these medals are working or not since some of the requirements are difficult. In other words, these medals could be working just fine but someone has to prove it. Can you?
Your help would be appreciated here :3
Check out the list's description for further details.

5- Current known bugs: ----- (18/1/2015)

I don't think there are any ATM. If you find any bug/glitch related to medals, feel free to contact me or post a comment about it.

6- Who to contact? ----- (27/5/2017)

If you have any questions,suggestions, bug reports or anything else related to the medal system, don't hesitate to contact me or one of the following API/Medal mods:
EdyKel - EJR - ForNoReason - Knuckstrike - NijssePulseLane - Exedor - HerbieG

Other mods


I guess that's all for now o,o?

Improving the medal system + Krain

2012-11-11 13:10:09 by Shantom

I recently started a topic about improving the medal system. The staff already know about it and they will probably use it as a reference when updating the system.
So, feel free to add more and better ideas in there. They might get implemented in later updates.
----- TOPIC -----

Edit (21/1/2013):

My OC "Krain" was re-drawn by Kiwiboob from Deviantart.
Check it out!

Also, since I usually post walkthroughs, I thought I should post this already:

Game by: Pixelulsar
Link: Demon Decimator

I made this after 4 days of the release date, but I didn't post it for some reason.
I also thought it was too fast for a walkthrough. It's more like a speed run? or a quick walkthrough?
Anyway, enjoy ._.

Gears & Chains Spin It - Walkthrough

2012-07-30 15:54:16 by Shantom

This is a walkthrough for "Gears & Chains Spin it," developed by: Elitic and sponsored by: Tremorgames
You can find the game here.

Walkthrough Part 1:

Part 2:

Enjoy! :o

These Robotic Hearts of Mine - Walkthrough !

2011-12-17 18:36:18 by Shantom

This is a walkthrough for a game called "These Robotic Hearts of Mine", by: Alan Hazelden (Draknek).
A link to the game!